Who We Are
Long time friends, Blake Cone and Matt Keeler, have had many a beer together as they day dreamed about one day opening a small brewery of their own. Then about three years ago they started taking a deeper dive and working on their business plan, reserved the Oak City Brewing Company name, URL and have never turned back.  After walking miles looking at dozens of possible locations, reworking budgets for the umpteenth time and brewing beer in their garages they finally found a suitable location in beautiful downtown Knightdale.

In spring of 2015, they took the entrepreneurial plunge, quitting their jobs (both with newborns on the way) and started realizing their dream.  At this point they usually immediately follow that statement by saying that we both have the most amazing wives in the world for letting us follow our dreams with newborns here and on the way. (Thank you Sarah and Bridget).

Oak City Brewing opened it’s doors for business on January 2, 2016.

Why Oak City
In all seriousness we do get asked this a lot so much so that we decided to put something on our website about it.  People seem intrigued because Oak City is naturally more commonly seen in Raleigh and yet we are located in Knightdale. So whats the story?

The story is there really isn’t a story. We love the outdoors, have always thought Oak City Brewing Company was a cool name that tied back to the local area of Raleigh which is right next door to Knightdale (named a National Arbor Day tree city for 14 years in a row) city and just by chance our new location has a beautiful big oak tree with a backdrop of a 76 acre park so come sit beneath our oak and have a cold beer with us. Bring your family and/or your dog too.

Why Knightdale
Why not. We love Knightdale.

Local Causes
Cleaning up the Neuse River and saving the trees. Seriously more to come on this we think a brewery no matter how big or small can work with our community to do what we can.